Thanks to our Sponsors

The National Transport Museum is proud to acknowledge the remarkable contributions of organisations that make it possible for us to continue our mission of preserving and showcasing transport history.

Our sponsors' generosity and support have been instrumental in maintaining our extensive collection, developing new exhibits, providing educational programs, and ensuring that our museum remains a valuable resource for the community and visitors alike.

Whether it's through financial support, the provision of vehicles, or expertise and advice, our sponsors play a pivotal role in the success of our museum. We could not accomplish our goals without them.

Become a Sponsor

As we look to the future, we are excited to invite more businesses and individuals to join our sponsorship community. By becoming a sponsor, you will play a vital part in preserving transport history, educating future generations, and enriching the cultural landscape of Inverell.

Sponsorship also offers the opportunity to enhance your visibility in the community, demonstrate your commitment to cultural preservation, and engage with our diverse and enthusiastic audience.

Various sponsorship packages are available, each offering unique benefits and opportunities. To learn more about how you can contribute and the benefits of sponsorship, please contact us.

Together, we can ensure that the National Transport Museum remains a treasured asset for our Inverell community.

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